Utility Commands


Calculate a maths equation such as 2+2. Aliases: ;;maths ;;math ;;calculator Usage: ;;calculate [equation]
;;calculate command.


Returns information about a given IP address. Aliases: ;;ipcheck ;;iptracker ;;ip Usage: ;;iplookup [ip address]


Ping Amour to get the latency in ms. Aliases: ;;latency Usage: ;;ping


Get a screenshot of a website before visiting, useful for protecting yourself from IP grabbers. Usage: ;;ssweb [website with https or http at the start]


Returns current time in a country. Aliases: ;;timein ;;time Usage: ;;timezone [https://amourbot.com/timezones code]


Translates a given sentence. Usage: ;;translate [sourcelanguage] [targetlanguage] [text]