Join Channel

Set the join channel for your server using Amour.
The join channel function of Amour sends a message to the set join channel when a new member comes. This is optional of course and can be toggled.


;;setjoinchannel [channel] [channel] Can include using:
  • The channel ID,
  • Or, tagging the channel with #


Welcome Message

Once the channel has been set up, you still need to set a welcome message. You can do so like below. Example usage:
;;setwelcomemessage embed ptext={usermention} | title=welcome to {servername}, {username} ! | description=make yourself at home. | thumbnail={userpfp} | image= | field=field one! content=field value | footer=we now have {membercount} members! | color=#daffff


Placeholders are very useful for welcome messages to replace data and make it dynamic. Here are the following placeholders you can use when setting a welcome embed:
{servername} - get your server name. {username} - get the new user's username. {usermention} - mention the new user. {membercount} - get your server's member count. {usertag} - get the users tag e.g Bea#0001 {userpfp} - get the user's profile photo.
To disable your welcome channel, use ;;setjoinchannel off.
To disable your welcome message function, use ;;setwelcomemessage off.
To turn it back on, use ;;setwelcomemessage on.

See Welcome Message

To see your welcome message, use ;;seewelcomemessage.