Set the partnerships counter channel for your server using Amour.
The partnerships function of Amour is to count how many partnerships each user has posted in the designated channel. This amount can be checked with ;;partners or ;;leaderboard to see a leaderboard of the top partnerships for the day, month, week, or all time.


;;setpartnerchannel [channel] [channel] can include:
  • The channel ID,
  • Or the #channel with a #.


To disable this feature, use ;;setpartnerchannel off and the settings will clear from the database.
What the completed partner embed looks like.

How Partnerships Are Stored

  • Amour stores partnership COUNTS, nothing else. They are stored in our SQL database for a certain amount of time so they can be called to for ;;partners and ;;leaderboard as well as to tell you how many partners you've done after posting one.
  • The SQL database is secured and can only be accessed by Bea.