Embed Master Guide!
The guide on how to use our embed command.


Posts a clean embed in any channel specified.
Usage: ;;embed #channel ptext=[text] | title=[title] | description=[description] | thumbnail=[thumbnail must be valid link] | image=[image must be a valid link] | field=[field title] content=[field value] | footer=[footer] | color=[#hex code]
Note that when doing ;;embed you do NOT need the [ and ] brackets.
Example Usage:
;;embed #┇cmds ptext=this is the text that shows above the embed. | title=this is the title! | description=this is a description | thumbnail=https://imgur.com/Zm161fA.png | image=https://thumbs.gfycat.com/IllDecentDarklingbeetle-size_restricted.gif | field=field one! content=field value | footer=here's a footer! | color=#00ecd7

Permissions Required

ADMINISTRATOR - Must have administrative access over a guild to perform the command.

Further Information