Informational Commands

The command list for commands marked as info for Amour.


Receive the invite link to add Amour to your server. Usage: ;;addbot
Receive the default link to add Amour to your Discord server.


Send a message to the Amour development team. Usage: ;;amourhelp [message] ;;amourhelp
If no message is provided, Amour will DM you.


Get Amour's thoughts on any question you have! Usage: ;;av [user optional] ;;avatar [user optional]
A full size'd edition of a user's profile photo on Discord will be sent.


Get current Bitcoin price in USD, GBP & EUR. Usage: ;;bitcoin ;;btc
No arguments are needed after the command.


Get statistics on COVID-19 globally or in a country. Aliases: ;;coronavirus ;;covidstats Usage: ;;covid [country]
Global statistics from
If you mention a country, it will return specific data for that country.
Statistics refresh every 10 minutes.


Sends the credits on the creation of Amour. Aliases: ;;creds Usage: ;;credits
Credits may update over time.


Aliases: ;;commands
Shows full command list, dynamically updates. Usage: ;;help [;;commandname optional]
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Get Amour's thoughts on any question you have! Usage: ;;helpdesk [message] ;;helpdesk
Usage of ;;helpdesk is easy. You can go either of two ways to use ;;helpdesk.

Method One - In-Server Message

You can use the command as shown below, and the ;;helpdesk command message will automatically be deleted when sent to staff in case your request has private information.
Example of what the bot would say if using in server with a message.

Method Two - DM Message

Either way will keep your request private. However, if you'd like to remember your request as well and have DM history, you can use ;;helpdesk and the bot will reach out, as shown below.
Example of what the bot will say if using in server without a message.
After you execute the command, here is an example of what DM conversation with Amour would look like.
DM example with amour. The replies are not customizable.
Once you have let the bot know what your message is, whether it's in server or in DMs, this is what your request will come out as in the channel set with for ;;sethelpreq:
Example when message is received.


Gets a hex color's information including rgb value, color preview and it's original name. Aliases: ;;color ;;hexcolour ;;colour ;;hex Usage: ;;hexcolor {#hex with or without #}
You can provide a # before the hex or leave it as is.


Shows the leaderboard for partnerships completed in Amour by day, week, month and all-time. Aliases: ;;leaderboards ;;lb ;;partnertop Usage: ;;leaderboard
Get the leaderboard for partnerships in a server.


Get the amount of partners you or someone else has completed. Usage: ;;partners [user optional]
Get your specific partnership counts or a user mentioned.


Get information about a server. Usage: ;;guildinfo ;;serverinfo
If no database IDs are mentioned, they are replaced with N/A.


Get Amour's statuses. Usage: ;;status
Get details about Amour.


Suggest a feature for amour! Usage: ;;suggest [suggestion]
If no suggestion is mentioned, Amour will DM you.


Sends an invite link to the support server. Usage: ;;support
Get our server support link.


Gets the weather in any US state from zip code or a country. Usage: ;;weather [zip code | city, countrycode]
You can provide either a zip code or city & countrycode.