Fun Commands
A full explanation of the commands marked "fun" for Amour.


Get Amour's thoughts on any question you have! Usage: ;;8ball [question]
Amour will return a random decision of its own to any question!


Set your status to afk using Amour. Usage: ;;afk [optional status]
Set your afk to any message. If no message is provided, it will set a default.
If you are pinged while AFK, Amour will inform the user.
If a user pings you while AFK.
When you return, Amour will remove your AFK.
Any message sent in a server Amour is in will mark that you are back.


Get someone's birthday, set your birthday or see the birthday list for your guild's member's birthdays for different months! Usage: ;;birthday (user) ;;birthday ;;birthday set (DD/MM/YYYY) ;;birthday month (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12) - views server birthdays. ;;birthday off
See your birthday or a user's with this command.
To lookup a servers birthdays for the month, you can use ;;birthday month (month number).
Lookup server birthdays for month 2, February.
To turn off your birthday, you can use ;;birthday off
;;birthday off will wipe your birthday from the database.


Get a random cat picture off reddit! Usage: ;;cat
Return a cat image.


Amour will flip a coin for you and tell you the result! Usage: ;;cf ;;coinflip amourbot, flip a coin
You can also do ;;coinflip for the same result!


Get a random cow photo, hand-curated by Amour's team! Usage: ;;cow
Fun fact! all cow images are locally stored. <3


Divorce your marriage partner with Amour. ): Usage: ;;divorce
): sad hours for Tetra


Get a random dog photo from the reddit community! Usage: ;;dog
A random dog photo will be sent from api.


Hugs yourself or the mentioned user. Usage: ;;hug [user] Mentioning a user is optional.
If you don't mention a user, Amour will hug you back!


Get a Hypixel player's friend list. Usage: ;;hypixelfriends (minecraft user)
If a Hypixel user has no friends, it will return a blank message like this.


Get statistics on a Hypixel player like rank, level, achievement points and more! Usage: ;;hypixelpl (minecraft user)
Credits to Paniek for the Image stats!


Uplaod one or more images to imgur (gifs are not working) Usage: ;;imgur (attachment only)
You can upload multiple images at a time.


Get a random insult, with more being generated every month! Aliases: ;;roast Usage: ;;insult
Random generated insult, hand-curated by the Amour team & friends.


Kiss the mentioned user. Awwww! Usage: ;;kiss ;;kiss (user)
If you don't mention a user, Amour will kiss you back!


Get the statistics of a user. Usage: ;;lastfm (username)
This command will only work for valid users.


Works as a love calculator, as Amour calculates the love affinity between you and a random person or person mentioned! Aliases: ;;affinity ;;ship Usage: ;;love ;;love (user)
If you don't mention a user, a random one will be provided.


Get the marriage status of a user.
Aliases: ;;partner Usage: ;;marriage ;;marriage (user)
Get the marriage status of a user.


Propose to someone! Usage: ;;marry (user)
The marry command is a reaction-based acceptance.


Get past usernames of a Minecraft player. Usage: ;;mcnames (minecraft username)
Get name history of a Minecraft user from Mojang's API.


Get a Minecraft user's skin & UUID Usage: ;;mcskin (minecraft username)
The Minecraft user's skin will be returned if the user exists.


Get a random meme off the depths of Reddit. Usage: ;;meme
Disclaimer: Memes are from Reddit.


Mock the specified text like spongebob! Usage: ;;mock (text)
Fun fact: this took 5 lines of JavaScript to make.


Gets the friend list of a NameMC user. You must have a verified Minecraft premium account to register for NameMC. Usage: ;;nmcfr {username}
If a user does not exist on NameMC or does not have any friends, it will return this embed.


Picks an option from a list Usage: ;;pick [option 1, option 2, option 3] etc.
All options provided muust be seperated by a comma and a space.


Start a poll on some options. Maximum time is 24 hours. Usage: ;;poll (time) option1 | option2 | option3 (and so on)
After the mentioned timeframe, Amour will return the winning vote.


Play rock paper scissors with Amour! Usage: ;;rps
Play rock, paper, scissors with Amour!


Slap the mentioned user! Oh no! Usage: ;;slap ;;slap (user)
If no user is mentioned, Amour will slap you!


Generate a random we heart it (similar to pinterest) collection, curated by Amour's developer. Aliases: ;;whi Usage: ;;weheartit ;;whi
We Heart It collections are hand-curated and randomized by Amour.