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  • Amour was coded with discord.js v13.

Amour's infrastructure:

  • Github to make constant backups of the bot with 2fa on every user with access.
  • Hetzner Containers to host the bot and website.
  • Various APIs, such as Google Cloud Translate, OpenWeather, IpData, ColorAPI, Mojang API, Hypixel API, NameMC API, and more.
  • Various node packages.
  • Discord API.
  • Discord.js
  • Trello to make changes.
  • Visual Studio Code Live Share to make live changes to the bot.
  • Gsuite for our email platform.
  • GitBooks for Amour documentation.

Contact Information

Bea I. - Head of Legal Team, PR, Bot Development, Main Point of Contact - Bot Founder/Creator and Owner.
Bea has a vast experience in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, C, C++ and GoLang with an expanding knowledge of Java.
Bea's Discord: Krim#0001 Bea's Email: [email protected] Bea's Github: zredrum
Adam O. - Assistant Manager, Bot Development, PR
Adam has an expanding knowledge in JavaScript and has taken numerous Computer Science courses throughout his education.
Adam's Discord: ADAM#0001

Amour Contact/General

Amour Website: Links to these Docs: Add Amour to your Server: Amour Support Server: Main Support/Request Email: [email protected]
Alternatively, you may use ;;amourhelp in any guild with your request, use ;;helpdesk in the support server or use the #help channel.